Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Are you born to be a common man ?

Good Morning Friends,

Let's we discuss something about for which we all are living & keeping it as a central GOAL of LIFE. for which we all human being are striving to get, i want to discuss about “Success”.

What do you feel ? What as per your opinion the term "Success" means ?

Does it relates to everybody ? No, it does not relates to everyone, it relates to only those person who are thinking about it, who are putting all of their efforts to come out of their present situation, who want to come up and wants to create better environment for them as well as for their family, who aspire for better living.

What i believe is there is three type of people,

1.who are born with silver spoon, they dont need to strive as their ancestor has already done for them, so they are already getting higher standard of living comparing to the society.

2. who are born in the house of common man, and they also believe that its almost same story with everyone, they should not try hard to come-up , as all of this depends on the luck, to work hard it takes lot many things & and finally it results nothing if you dont have luck, they dont want to try working hard ,they are happy the way life takes them as it is. Here, they compromise with the life, with the living standard, with the happiness of the family.

3. who are not ready to compromise with the life, why ? because they believe that there is so many things to explore in the world, you should not let go the life without enjoying it, by giving human life god has given you the opportunity to enjoy the life , you should not let go the life the way it takes to you, God has given you the command to drive your life, human being is the God's forever best creation comparing with the other creation of the GOD.We human are also an animal, but we call it a social animal, we are living in to society, we live with family, We live differently then other creation of the god (like birds & animals).

Animals, they do not know how they are living, they can not think how their life is going, they do not sense the situation. But as a human i know how my life is going, i know where i am standing, i know by what efforts my family will get better life, i know by what efforts i will get better opportunity to explore the world. and i will give the same benefit to my family, i know by what efforts i can make them feeling proud for being with me, to my parents to my wife & children. In spite of knowing all this things, if i dont do anything to come-up, to grow, if i dont do any efforts to get better living, to enjoy the life better, Then there is no difference between me and an animal. we can say that here we are worse then the animal because at least it does not know these things, and we in spite of knowing all this things doing nothing then we are just passing the time, we are just wasting the precious life which god has given, we do not understand the value of life, we are just living as god has thrown us to the world and we just have to live as life let us to.

Now if you are believing in to third category of people, just think what is the frequency of this thought which comes to my mind ?

Only once in a year ?

Once in a month ? a Week ? or once in a day ?

When we think of this word, does it give feeling like some good thing came to your mind (hmm...its good to thought but hard to do) and you want to just let it go, not paying much attention.

Or is that So , that you like thinking about this word "Success", you like to plan to work for it, you would like to judge your self ( that what i have done till date since i born, in what situation i was and what i have done to come-up out of that situation) and thus it present in front of us our whole life. purpose for living.

We all are roaming around this word “success”, by giving or not giving our full strength to achieve it, somebody is happy by just hearing success stories& dreaming about success. somebody is happy by giving it a start (just start on each year on 1st Jan as new year resolution), somebody is not sleeping until they get it. there is so many ways to achieve success. Somebody called it as a “LUCK” & someone says it as “Hard Work”.

“Success” since we learned this word from school, we start wondering and dreaming about it. I believe since then who ever have given it whatever priority, whatever importance in his life to that word, that much position he might have got in.

I want to say at what so ever position we are seating now, or in whatever condition, Solely the credit goes to us (for getting the position) , or the sole responsibility lies on us ( for not getting the position) Because , you will be agree with me, that god has given us LIFE, the environment, the platform to perform. Let it may be from whichever situation & whatsoever condition, the responsibility to grow and to come up lies only & only on us.

If you do not believe this, then you have left the decision (to grow or not ) on destiny. and if you or your family will fill pain because of your decision of doing nothing in life, let it go as its going, then where will you go to complain??? will the destiny hear your complain ? Friend, the sufferers are none other than US and our family, nobody comes to hear our pain in this world, if we do not accept that situation, and do not start working proper since the day we realize it , If we are knowing all the consequences of doing nothing in life and sticking to our decision to let go the life as its going, then looser will be none other then us.

We do not understand the value of life, we human being tends to complain for things we do not have but do not feel the value of what already we have!! ! I have heard somewhere that after passing 33 crores of birth cycle we get life as an HUMAN. Human life may be the Gods precious forever gift to the environment, AND to US.

We have learnt in the school that the human is a Social Animal. Mind wonders when we hear the word “animal” for human. there is lots of difference between animal and a “social animal”.

“Animal does not sense the situation where it is seating and we Human can sense it where we are seating because we are human beings.”

But the irony of life is “Animal sense the situation and human being does not realize the situation where we are seating, we do not realize weather we are seating in the mud or we need to create better place for me for my family, we do not realize that god has given me equal strength to develop myself in such a way that i can full fill the need of my family. and even after realizing these all things we do not act upwards THEN there is no difference between an animal and a human beings.

Human Life" is a very very special gift to the mankind. god has given us the authority to prove ourself different then his other creation like nature, animals, birds etc. all are God's creation, God has design us in such a way that we can rule on all his creation, we can enjoy & explore the world , to live as a common man is not anything great, if you are earning up to eat, drink & sleep thats enough ? in todays world beggars are also not dying of hunger so just to arrange the money so that family can run smoothly that's not enough, we should ask a question to ourself " what difference i have done to myself by getting human life." if we can not answer this question properly then its a fact that we have never thought on this seriously, We should not let go these opportunity, let your family explore the world, let them take on world tour. Life is a very very special gift of God, lets we enjoy it Fully

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